Rainy Season Ends Earliest Ever in Kanto-Koshin Region


Tokyo, June 27 (Jiji Press)--This year's rainy season appears to have finished in the Kanto-Koshin eastern to central region of Japan, marking the earliest end since such statistics began in 1951, the Japan Meteorological Agency said Monday.

The previous record for the region, which includes Tokyo, was marked in 2018, when the rainy season ended on June 29.

The agency said that this year's rainy season is believed to have finished also in the Tokai central region and the southern part of the Kyushu southwestern region, marking the second earliest end for both areas. The earliest end of the rainy season was recorded in 1963 for Tokai, on June 22, and in 1955 for southern Kyushu, on June 24.

This year's rainy season finished 22 days earlier than in an average year in Kanto-Koshin and Tokai, and 18 days earlier in southern Kyushu. Compared with 2021, the rainy season in Kanto-Koshin, Tokai and southern Kyushu ended 19, 20 and 14 days earlier, respectively.

The rainy season was the shortest on record for all three areas on a preliminary data basis. The agency plans to release final data in early September.

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