Japan Team Challenges 2019 Black Hole Image

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Tokyo, June 30 (Jiji Press)--A team of Japanese researchers Thursday challenged an international group's declaration in April 2019 that it succeeded in capturing a direct image of a black hole for the first time in history.

The Japanese team, including assistant professor Miyoshi Makoto of the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, concluded that the international group that used the Event Horizon Telescope failed to capture the image of the black hole.

In the EHT project, astronomers observed the huge black hole in the M87 galaxy 55 million light-years away from Earth, spent about two years to analyze the observation data and constructed the image of what they say is the black hole in a bright ring.

The Japanese team reanalyzed the data, made available to the public by the EHT group, with a different method and did not obtain any such image. It instead obtained images showing a core, where the black hole is believed to exist, in addition to a high-speed astrophysical jet extending from the core and "knots" apparently forming part of the jet.

"The M87 galaxy is famous for the jet, but the EHT team did not detect it. Our results show the jet, which is consistent with past observation results," Miyoshi said.

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