Experts Weigh In on Japan's Plan to Boost Defense Spending


Tokyo, July 6 (Jiji Press)--Experts have weighed in on what they think voters in Sunday's House of Councillors election should consider about Japan's plan to boost its defense spending.

In an unusual move, most major political parties, with the exception of the Social Democratic Party and the Japanese Communist Party, have shown support for increasing the country's defense spending, apparently reflecting the public's heightened concerns due to Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

"Located near China, North Korea and Russia, Japan has an especially severe security environment compared with the rest of the world," said Ryoichi Oriki, former chief of staff at the Joint Staff of the Self-Defense Forces.

He said that in order to cope with such a geopolitical challenge, Japan needs to increase its defense budget.

Saying that the country will also need to rethink ways to use its defense spending, Oriki proposed that Japan expand its stockpiles of ammunition and components, which have received less attention than other defense supplies, and improve its facilities and drills.

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