LDP, CDP Focusing on 1-Seat Districts in Final Stage of Campaign


Tokyo, July 6 (Jiji Press)--With the 18-day campaign period for Sunday's House of Councillors election nearing an end, Japanese ruling and opposition parties are expanding support for candidates in constituencies they view as important.

The ruling Liberal Democratic Party and the main opposition Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan have sent senior members to closely contested constituencies with only one available seat in the election for the upper chamber of the country's parliament.

Other parties have shifted their focus to constituencies where their candidates are on the borderline between winning and losing.

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, the LDP's president, chose to deliver stump speeches in three prefectures in the southwestern region of Kyushu on Tuesday, just after Typhoon Aere, the fourth of the year, made a landfall in the region.

The LDP is leading the race for the single contested seat in the Nagasaki prefectural constituency, while the only available seat in the Oita constituency is being fought over by the party and opposition parties.

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