Young People Increasingly Entangled in In-Game Charge Issues

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Tokyo, July 18 (Jiji Press)--Young people are increasingly becoming entangled in issues linked to in-game charges for online games in Japan, with over a half involving spending of 100,000 yen or more.

In such cases, however, many people received their money back after negotiations by Consumer Affairs Agency staff with game operators.

The agency is calling for the guardians of those involved in in-game charge issues to "consult and not give up."

According to the Japanese government's White Paper on Consumer Affairs, there were 7,276 consultations about online games at consumer affairs centers around the country in 2021, of which 4,443 cases, or about 60 pct, involved people under the age of 20 as parties to contracts.

Compared with 2017, the total number of consultations rose 1.7-fold, while that of cases with people aged below 20 jumped 2.8-fold.

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