Doctor Recounts First Aid Given to Abe after Shooting


Nara, July 10 (Jiji Press)--A doctor who gave first aid to former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe soon after he was shot Friday has recounted his story.

Shingo Nakaoka, 64, who runs a clinic near Kintetsu Railway Co.'s Yamato-Saidaiji Station in the city of Nara, the capital of the namesake prefecture in western Japan, ran down from the third floor of the building where the clinic is located after hearing a patient shout: "Mr. Abe has been shot. He has been shot."

Abe looked lifeless, and his face was white, according to Nakaoka. Suspecting that Abe is bleeding due to damage to his blood vessels or internal organs, Nakaoka and nurses put an automated external defibrillator on him to save his life.

But an automated voice soon showed that the AED cannot be applied to Abe, leading Nakaoka to understand that his heart and lungs had already stopped functioning.

Abe's condition was severe, and ambulance crew members who arrived at the scene seemed upset to see the state of the former prime minister, Nakaoka recalled.

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