Grilled Eel Stores Busy on Day of Ox despite Price Hikes

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Tokyo, July 23 (Jiji Press)--"Kabayaki" grilled eel stores and restaurants in Japan attracted a number of customers Saturday, this year's Day of Ox, despite price hikes reflecting poor eel catches and higher transportation costs.

People are apparently hoping to survive the heat wave by eating grilled eels, a summer delicacy in Japan.

Staff at Yatsumeya Nishimura in Tokyo's Meguro Ward started preparations for the day's operations around 6 a.m. (9 p.m. Friday GMT).

It has raised the price of a large fillet to 2,700 yen from 2,400 yen, but eels for reservation have sold out. On Saturday, Yatsumeya Nishimura plans to offer a total of 1,500 fillets of grilled eels, up by 500 from a usual day.

More than 70 people lined up in front of Yatsumeya Nishimura before it opened. "I'll eat grilled eels to overcome the novel coronavirus," said Yoshiko Takagi, a 51-year-old employee of an organization. Takagi added that she will buy them also for relatives and acquaintances.

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