3 Months On, Families of Boat Sinking Victims Remain in Agony


Shari, Hokkaido, July 23 (Jiji Press)--Families of the Kazu I boat sinking victims continue to live in distress three months after the tragedy took place off the Shiretoko Peninsula in the northernmost Japan prefecture of Hokkaido.

The tour boat, operated by Shiretoko Yuransen in the Hokkaido town of Shari, sank on April 23, leaving 14 of the 26 people aboard dead and the 12 others missing.

"I still live in agony. I want to have the lives back," a Hokkaido resident who lost his young relative in the accident said in tears.

The man voiced his outrage at not only the company but also the transport ministry, which is in charge of supervising the tour boat operator. "There could have been many opportunities to prevent the accident. I feel that everything was done too late."

"I'm so sad that I'm about to have a mental breakdown," the man said.

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