Japan Heatstroke Sufferers Triple in June

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Tokyo, July 27 (Jiji Press)--The number of people taken to hospital by ambulance due to heatstroke totaled 15,969 in Japan in June, more than threefold from 4,945 a year before, the Fire and Disaster Management Agency said Wednesday.

The total was highest for June since the survey began in 2010 as many areas of the country saw the mercury rise to 35 degrees Celsius or higher on multiple days late in the month.

The daily count of heatstroke sufferers topped 1,000 every day from June 25 to 30, when the temperature was very high across the country. The total number over the six days exceeded 10,000.

By age group, people aged 65 or over numbered 8,758 in June, representing 54.8 pct of all people taken to hospital due to heatstroke in the month.

Of the total, the largest number, or 6,259 people, were taken to hospital from home, while 1,184 were from educational facilities including elementary to high schools.

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