Science Council of Japan Seeks Wider View on Dual-Use Techs

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Tokyo, July 28 (Jiji Press)--The Science Council of Japan has expressed an opinion seeking to introduce a wider perspective in the management of dual-use technologies that can be applied for both military and civilian purposes.

In the opinion, the representative organization of Japanese scholars and scientists said that it is difficult to simply classify cutting-edge science and technology into two categories and that it is not practical to make a uniform judgement on the handling of such technologies based on their potential for diversion to military applications.

In a statement issued in 2017, the council vowed to maintain its existing position of not carrying out military research.

"Contrary to the original intentions of scientists, research results may sometimes be diverted to military applications and for aggressive goals," the 2017 statement said, adding that "prudent judgment is required ...before actual research activities begin."

Against this background, the latest opinion can be regarded as a change in the council's position on military research, pundits said.

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