Correct Answer Rate Drops in Japan Junior High School Science Test

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Tokyo, July 28 (Jiji Press)--The average correct answer rate in the science section of a national achievement test for junior high school third-graders in Japan in fiscal 2022 tumbled nearly 17 percentage points from four years before to 49.7 pct, the education ministry said Thursday.

Ministry officials said that it was challenging for students to choose an appropriate observation on an experiment method in a question.

The latest achievement test for elementary school sixth-graders and junior high school third-graders was conducted in April, covering some 1.91 million students from about 29,000 schools nationwide.

The share of correct answers among elementary school students rose to 65.8 pct from 64.9 pct for the Japanese language test and to 63.4 pct from 60.4 pct for the science test but fell to 63.3 pct from 70.3 pct for the mathematics test.

Among junior high school students, the figures rose to 69.3 pct from 64.9 pct for the Japanese language test but dropped to 52.0 pct from 57.5 pct for the mathematics test.

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