Nagasaki to Press for Nuclear Abolition at Annual Ceremony


Nagasaki, Aug. 1 (Jiji Press)--Nagasaki Mayor Tomihisa Taue said Monday that he will press for the abolition of nuclear weapons at an annual memorial ceremony on Aug. 9 for victims of the U.S. atomic bombing of the Japanese city in 1945.

Taue plans to say nuclear abolition is the only way to avoid the risk of nuclear weapons being used as Russia's invasion of Ukraine fueled concerns about the use of them, according to an outline of a peace declaration that he will deliver at the ceremony.

The outline shows that the mayor will stress that nuclear weapons must not to be used, citing the case of a hibakusha atomic bomb survivor whose lower body was left paralyzed by the bombing.

In the declaration, Taue will ask nuclear states to present processes for nuclear disarmament at a review conference of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty in New York, according to the outline.

"I'll send a message for peace on behalf of people in atomic-bombed Nagasaki to the world at a time when the international situation regarding nuclear weapons is in a critical phase," Taue told a news conference.

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