Experts Urge against Doctor Visits for Light COVID-19 Symptoms

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Tokyo, Aug. 3 (Jiji Press)--Four academic groups in Japan have released an emergency statement urging people with light COVID-19 symptoms to refrain from visiting medical institutions amid the seventh infection wave.

In the statement, announced at a press conference in Tokyo Tuesday, the groups, including the Japanese Association for Infectious Diseases, called on mildly ill COVID-19 patients to use antigen testing kits at home and over-the-counter medicine instead of visiting hospitals and clinics, saying that "the omicron variant of the coronavirus is not very different from the cold" in many cases.

Acute-phase symptoms of the omicron strain appear in three days on average, but most ease within two to four days, the statement said.

The groups asked people with symptoms such as fevers and throat pain to "take leave from work or school, avoid going out and begin recovering at home."

The statement said that people with breathing difficulties or fevers of 37.5 degrees Celsius or over for four days or more may develop more severe symptoms, and that such patients should consult nearby medical institutions and if needed call for an ambulance.

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