Ex-Kindergarten Association Executive Served Fresh Warrant


Tokyo, Aug. 3 (Jiji Press)--Tokyo police on Wednesday served a fresh arrest warrant on a former secretary-general of an association of private kindergartens in Japan for allegedly misappropriating 8 million yen of the association's funds.

The Metropolitan Police Department believes that Norio Katsukura, 49, may have misused for various purposes, including on a woman, the majority of a total of 680 million yen that was illegally withdrawn from the bank accounts of the association and a related organization.

Katsukura was served the new warrant for allegedly misappropriating the 8 million yen withdrawn on multiple occasions from the association's bank account, which he had managed at the time as treasurer, in late June 2020. He has remained silent during questioning.

According to the police, he withdrew cash from the association's bank account and deposited the money into his own bank account the same day.

The money was used to pay costs for the woman to move into an expensive apartment and for rent of around 1.5 million yen a month, among other items.

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