Lanterns Lit Up for Victims of JAL Jet Crash 37 Years Ago


Ueno, Gunma Pref., Aug. 11 (Jiji Press)--Some 200 light-emitting diode lanterns were lit up in an eastern Japan village on the evening of Thursday, ahead of the 37th anniversary Friday of the passenger jet crash that killed more than 500 people aboard.

Bereaved relatives and others who gathered for the lantern-lighting event in the village of Ueno in Gunma Prefecture prayed for the victims and safety of society.

On the lanterns placed at a riverside were messages written and pictures drawn by those who lost their loved ones in the accident. One of the messages read, "Thank you for watching over the family," while another said, "We remember you all."

In the accident on Aug. 12, 1985, a Japan Airlines <9201> jet bound for Osaka, western Japan, crashed into the Osutaka Ridge in Ueno after taking off from Tokyo International Airport at Haneda, claiming the lives of 520 people aboard, while four others survived.

Kuniko Miyajima, 75, who serves as secretary-general of an association of bereaved families, said: "We were able to hold the event again this year thanks to the village. From Osutaka, we want to issue a message for aviation safety and safety of public transport services." Miyajima, from Tokyo's Ota Ward, lost her second son, Ken, then 9, in the accident.

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