Victims of U.S. Torpedo Attack in Japan Remembered 78 Years On


Naha, Okinawa Pref., Aug. 22 (Jiji Press)--A memorial service was held in Naha, Okinawa Prefecture, southern Japan, on Monday to remember the nearly 1,500 victims, including schoolchildren, who were killed aboard an evacuation ship in a U.S. torpedo attack 78 years ago during World War II.

Around 15 participants prayed at a memorial monument for the victims of the attack on the Tsushima Maru.

Touching on Russia's ongoing invasion of Ukraine, Masakatsu Takara, an 82-year-old survivor of the attack, said in a speech, "The children who were aboard the Tsushima Maru at the time wish that people fight with words, and not with weapons, to search for a resolution."

On the night of Aug. 22, 1944, the Tsushima Maru sank off the island of Akusekijima in Kagoshima Prefecture following a torpedo attack from a U.S. submarine while traveling from Naha to Nagasaki, southwestern Japan.

Of some 1,800 people aboard the ship, at least 1,484, including 784 schoolchildren, lost their lives in the attack, according to a group to remember the tragedy, headed by Takara.

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