Japan Police Sharing Spy Info with Biz to Prevent Theft

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Tokyo, Sept. 4 (Jiji Press)--Japanese police are stepping up efforts to prevent the theft of information on advanced technologies by sharing with businesses the methods used by spies.

The initiative by the Public Security Bureau of Tokyo's Metropolitan Police Department comes after it prevented information theft at a company that was approached by a Russian spy last year.

While it is unusual for police to notify companies and prevent incidents before action is taken against suspects, a senior MPD official said that the mindset regarding information theft prevention is changing.

Police are shifting their counter-espionage strategy to one in which they work to prepare corporations against theft while cracking down on spies at the same time.

The Tokyo police department launched a project team on the matter in 2021. It has given information on methods employed by spies and prevention measures to over 1,800 companies.

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