4.7-T.-Yen Budget Sought for Japan's New Agency for Children


Tokyo, Aug. 30 (Jiji Press)--Japan's Cabinet Secretariat said Tuesday that it will seek a fiscal 2023 budget of 4,751 billion yen for the government's new agency for children and families.

The amount is 63.9 billion yen higher than the combined fiscal 2022 initial budgets of divisions, including in the welfare ministry and the Cabinet Office, that will be moved to the agency, slated to be established next April.

The budget request includes 3,355.7 billion yen for improving education and child care at schools and other facilities, as well as regional child-raising support, and 174.1 billion yen for measures to prevent child abuse.

The Cabinet Secretariat will also seek unspecified funds for tackling the country's low birth rate and will continue to work on the matter until the end of the year, when the government drafts its budget for the next fiscal year, from April 2023.

Unspecified funds are also requested for new programs to be launched with the establishment of the agency, such as cooperating with nonprofit organizations to create places for children and studying the introduction of a scheme for checking any sex crime records of people working in the education and child care field.

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