Japan Crafts Measures for Saving City Gas

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Tokyo, Sept. 5 (Jiji Press)--Japan's economy ministry Monday released a draft of measures designed to encourage households and companies to save city gas if the country faces a shortage of liquefied natural gas, a raw material for city gas.

The draft calls for allowing the government to order large-lot corporate users to reduce city gas use as a final means of balancing supply and demand when supply remains tight despite gas-saving efforts by households and companies.

The ministry aims to submit legislation to revise the gas business law to the Diet, Japan's parliament, in the autumn to introduce the gas-saving system.

Japan relies on imports for LNG supplies, procuring some 9 pct of its annual LNG imports from Russia. Preparations for possible disruptions to LNG imports are necessary both in terms of supply and demand, ministry officials said.

Currently, Japanese authorities are allowed to order large-lot corporate users to reduce the use of electricity and impose fines on those failing to follow the order. The government has no plans to limit the use of liquefied petroleum gas.

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