8-Minute Wait before Placing Baby into Crib Effective: Study

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Tokyo, Sept. 14 (Jiji Press)--An international research team, with members including Japanese researchers, has found that waiting five to eight minutes after a baby starts to doze off while being held and rocked in arms is a key to success in placing the baby into the crib without waking him or her up.

The study would be a great tip for parents who can put their babies to sleep in their arms but struggle to keep them from waking up and starting to sob when laid alone.

The results of the study were published in the U.S. journal Current Biology on Wednesday.

Kumi Kuroda, a researcher at Japan's Riken Center for Brain Science, and other members of the team carried out the study involving 21 babies at seven months old or younger and their mothers, examining details of how babies fall asleep, including changes in their heart rates.

The study showed that babies are awakened not because they feel their back touched the crib but because they sense they are no longer in contact with their mothers' bodies.

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