Japan Ordered to Pay Damages over Death of Detained Cameroon Man

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Mito, Ibaraki Pref., Sept. 16 (Jiji Press)--A Japanese district court ordered the government Friday to pay 1.65 million yen in damages over the death in 2014 of a Cameroonian man, then 43, detained at an immigration center in Ibaraki Prefecture near Tokyo.

In a lawsuit filed with Mito District Court, the bereaved family of the Cameroonian man had demanded that the government pay 10 million yen, claiming that he died as a result of the immigration center's failure to provide him with proper medical care.

Masahiko Abe, presiding judge at the court, said that immigration center staff neglected duty of care as they should have requested that the man be rushed to hospital.

The night before his death, the man kept saying in pain that he was dying, Abe said. "The man should have been rushed to hospital as he was possibly facing a life-threatening condition," the judge said.

The bereaved family had claimed that the immigration center staff's inappropriate handling of the man led to his death. The judge declined to find a causal relationship between ways the man was treated and his death, saying that his health condition was already quite bad. Still, the judge said that if the man had been taken to hospital, he may have lived longer.

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