Japan Mulls New Post of Joint SDF Commander


Tokyo, Sept. 20 (Jiji Press)--Japan's Defense Ministry is considering creating the post of joint commander that would allow centralized command of the Ground, Maritime and Air Self-Defense Forces and establishing a joint command center that supports the commander, sources familiar with its discussions said.

The move is aimed at enhancing the SDF's capability to promptly respond to emergency situations by creating a structure that focuses on operating troops from its three branches, the sources said.

The ministry aims to outline details of the plan late this year in updates to three sets of the country's three key defense documents.

Under the SDF's current chain of command, the chief of staff at the ministry's Joint Staff advises the prime minister and defense minister on security matters and receives orders from them and execute them.

The Joint Staff chief is supported by the Joint Staff Office that comprises uniformed officers from the Ground, Maritime and Air SDFs as well as some Defense Ministry bureaucrats, and operates troops and crafts plans.

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