50 Years On: China's Hegemonic Moves Predicted in 1972


Tokyo, Sept. 25 (Jiji Press)--China's increasing hegemonic moves were foreseen by former Foreign Minister Masayoshi Ohira, one of the two Japanese leaders who achieved the 1972 normalization of bilateral diplomatic ties.

"China kept a low profile (during negotiations), but its attitude will change entirely in 50 years. It will achieve huge economic development and begin to look down on Japan," Ohira told then secretary Hajime Morita, now 88.

Ohira made the remark on a flight back home from China after attending with then Prime Minister Kakuei Tanaka a signing ceremony for a Japan-China joint statement that normalized the countries' diplomatic relations.

After its defeat in World War II, Japan concluded a peace treaty with Taiwan in 1952 and maintained friendly relations with it.

But in July 1971, then U.S. President Richard Nixon made a surprise announcement of a plan to visit China the following year, taking a step toward normalization of Washington's diplomatic relations with Beijing.

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