50 Years On: China's Defense Budget Expands 90-Fold


Beijing, Sept. 26 (Jiji Press)--China's defense expenditures have grown about 90 times in the 50 years since it normalized bilateral diplomatic ties with Japan in 1972, posing a grave threat to Japan's security.

Under the administration of President Xi Jinping, whose goal is to build a stronger military, Beijing has pursued its maritime claims more actively, building aircraft carriers and stepping up maritime activities in the East China Sea and South China Sea.

In 1972, when Japan's security was under a threat from the Soviet Union, China's defense budget was about 16 billion yuan. With its lack of naval power, China was "not even a consideration" for Japan, said Yoji Koda, former commander in chief of the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force's Self-Defense Fleet.

But China's defense budget continued to grow after 1982 in line with the nation's strong economic growth, marking double-digit gains almost every year from 1989 to the mid-2010s.

In 2022, the figure topped 1.45 trillion yuan, or more than five times the size of Japan's fiscal 2022 defense budget.

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