Team Makes Robot Responding with Different Types of Laughter

Science Society

Kyoto, Sept. 29 (Jiji Press)--A group of researchers including Kyoto University's Koji Inoue has developed a robot that changes the way it laughs depending on the laughter of the interacting partner.

According to the team, the robot analyzes the frequency of the sound of human laughter and picks from three options to respond to the laugh using an artificial intelligence system. The robot lets out a hearty or social laugh or does not laugh at all.

The robot is the first of its kind in the world that chooses on its own the best type of laughter to fit with the interaction.

Inoue, assistant professor at the university's Graduate School of Informatics, and others aim to develop a robot that not only gives an apt reply to a question but also shows empathy to what the interacting partner is saying.

"By developing a robot that laughs naturally, we hope to create a robot that can coexist alongside people," Inoue said.

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