Kappa Sushi Chief Arrested for Obtaining Trade Secrets


Tokyo, Sept. 30 (Jiji Press)--Japanese police arrested the president of the operator of the Kappa Sushi restaurant chain on Friday on suspicion of fraudulently obtaining trade secrets from a rival company.

Tokyo's Metropolitan Police Department arrested Koki Tanabe, 46-year-old president of Kappa Create Co. <7421>, the operator of Kappa Sushi, for allegedly violating the unfair competition prevention law.

Tanabe is suspected of copying trade secrets about restaurant chain Hama-Sushi Co., including its procurement cost data, in September 2020 while working at Zensho Holdings Co. <7550>, the parent of Hama-Sushi.

He allegedly used the data to compare costs between Hama-Sushi and Kappa Sushi in December that year after moving to Kappa Create.

Tanabe got the password for access to the data from Yoshitaka Yuasa, a 43-year-old former section chief at Hama-Sushi.

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