One More LDP Lawmaker Linked to Church Found


Tokyo, Sept. 30 (Jiji Press)--One more lawmaker in Japan's ruling Liberal Democratic Party has been found to have links to the controversial religious group known as the Unification Church, the LDP said Friday.

This brought the total number of LDP lawmakers with ties with the church to 180. The name of the newly found lawmaker was not disclosed.

An additional survey by the LDP also unveiled new connections between the church and 11 of its lawmakers who had already been found to have links to the group.

Takuya Hirai, Tomohiro Yamamoto and Kiyoshi Ejima attended meetings hosted by the church. Shuhei Aoyama, Taku Ishii, Masahiro Imamura, Shinsuke Okuno, Seiji Kihara and Natsumi Higa gave speeches at meetings of groups related to the church.

More LDP lawmakers were newly found to have sent congratulatory telegrams or messages to meetings related to the church and attended church-linked meetings without delivering speeches.

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