U.S. Respects Japan's Intervention Nondisclosure: MOF Official

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Tokyo, Oct. 26 (Jiji Press)--U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen respects Japan's policy of not disclosing immediately whether it has conducted a yen-buying intervention, Japan's Vice Minister of Finance for International Affairs Masato Kanda said Wednesday.

According to media reports, Yellen said on Monday that she was not aware of any intervention that the Japanese financial authorities had done recently.

Kanda told reporters that Yellen's "statement was made as she respects (Japan's) policy of not immediately confirming whether or not an intervention has taken place, for which we are thankful."

"We are closely in touch with the United States, discussing various issues every day," Kanda said. "We also share information and work together over affairs concerning the financial markets, including the currency market."

On moves of the dollar-yen pair, Kanda stressed that Japan will monitor any excessive fluctuations and disorderly moves and take resolute action if necessary.

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