Japan Govt Submits Extra Budget Bill to Diet


Tokyo, Nov. 21 (Jiji Press)--The Japanese government on Monday submitted to the Diet, the country's parliament, a second supplementary budget bill for fiscal 2022 that calls for general-account spending of 28,922.2 billion yen to finance an economic package aimed chiefly at tackling soaring prices.

The government aims to enact the extra budget during the ongoing Diet session scheduled to end on Dec. 10.

In the extra budget, the government sets aside 29,086.1 billion yen in expenses related to the economic package while cutting existing expenditures by over 1 trillion yen.

Over 6 trillion yen will be spent to alleviate the financial burden of soaring electricity, gas and gasoline costs.

The extra budget secures 958.2 billion yen to bolster supply chains for liquefied natural gas and other strategically important goods, while 126.7 billion yen will be used to provide 100,000 yen in pregnancy and childbirth benefits.

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