China Expanding Influence thru Nonmilitary Means: Report


Tokyo, Nov. 26 (Jiji Press)--China is expanding its influence through nonmilitary means, such as spreading information beneficial to the country on social media, a Japanese government think tank has said.

"Beijing has actually used nonmilitary means, such as influence operations in the psychological and cognitive domains, as well as maritime gray zone situations" just short of emergencies, said an annual report released by the Defense Ministry's National Institute for Defense Studies on Friday.

The institute's China Security Report 2023 pointed to three key Chinese developments that have led to the increase in the use of nonmilitary means, including President Xi Jinping's military reforms that have created a mechanism for the Communist Party of China to directly control the People's Liberation Army.

The other two are the establishment of the Strategic Support Force, which supervises cyber and electronic warfare and psychological and cognitive warfare, and the placement of the coast guard under the command of the Central Military Commission, the military's supreme leadership body.

The report also said, "China has carried out a number of influence operations against Taiwan, including disinformation campaigns that spread fake news on social media."

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