Tokyo Recognizes Uber Workers' Collective Bargaining Right


Tokyo, Nov. 26 (Jiji Press)--Tokyo labor authorities have recognized Uber Eats delivery staff in Japan as workers under the labor union law, ordering the service operator to hold collective negotiations with a union.

The move by the Tokyo metropolitan government's Labor Relations Commission on Friday marked the first official judgment recognizing the right of so-called gig workers engaged in temporary jobs, who have increased in number during the novel coronavirus crisis.

This is likely to affect the working conditions of gig workers in general.

The Uber Eats service operator in Japan claimed that delivery staff are not workers defined in the labor union law, saying that they are customers using its service and that it does not use them as a labor force.

The commission, however, said in a written order that the operator not only supplies a platform for work to delivery staff but also is involved in the performance of their duties.

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