Haikus Made by AI, Amateurs Received Well: Study

Science Society

Kyoto, Dec. 6 (Jiji Press)--Haiku poems created through the collaboration of amateur poets and artificial intelligence were rated higher than those by the big names in the world of the Japanese poem, a study by a Kyoto University research team showed.

The team said it is possible for humans and AI to work together to create a more creative form of art.

In the experiment, the team picked out 80 haikus. They were either generated using an AI system developed by Hokkaido University, those by prolific poets or AI-generated poems that were picked out by haiku beginners with less than four years of experience in writing the poems.

Of the 80 haikus, 40 were presented online to 385 people. The haikus were divided into 20 created by Takahama Kyoshi, Kobayashi Issa and other haiku greats, 10 were AI-generated and 10 were collaborations between AI and amateurs.

The participants were then asked to grade each haiku out of 7, as well as answer whether they thought the haiku was written by a professional poet or generated by AI.

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