"Second-Generation Followers" Form Group to Solve Their Problems


Tokyo, Dec. 7 (Jiji Press)--Children of followers of controversial religious groups including the Unification Church said Wednesday they have set up their own group to try to resolve problems they face.

The group of 11 so-called "second-generation followers" of the church, whose current name is the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification, and another cult Jehovah's Witnesses plans to seek government solutions to their problems and hold online events to raise public awareness.

Second-generation followers have been constrained by the doctrines of religious groups their parents belong to, regardless of their own will. There are cases in which they are abused or neglected by their parents, deprived of educational opportunities, and faced with poverty due to massive donations to the cults.

"Because it's difficult for the victims to individually deliver voices to the government, it's significant that they form a group and establish a strong foothold," the vice head of the group, who uses the pseudonym Saeko Yamamoto, told a press conference in Tokyo. Yamamoto's parents are Moonies.

A lawyer of the National Network of Lawyers Against Spiritual Sales serves as supervisor of the second-generation followers' group, which has already demanded the government revise a relief bill for those who have been financially exploited by the Unification Church and other religious organizations.

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