Dispatch App Operator Announces Project to Promote EV Taxis

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Tokyo, Dec. 12 (Jiji Press)--Mobility Technologies Co., the operator of the taxi dispatch app “GO,” said Monday that it will launch a project to encourage the taxi industry to shift to electric vehicles.

The company will provide up to 2,500 EVs on lease to around 100 taxi operators across the country. It also plans to install charging stations and create a system for efficient charging.

It hopes to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 30,000 tons per year by 2027.

Currently, there are approximately 210,000 taxis in Japan, and EVs account for only around 0.1 pct of them.

“The shift to EVs for taxis, which we see on a daily basis, will change people’s awareness,” Mobility Technologies President Hiroshi Nakajima told a press conference. “It will be a catalyst for the decarbonization of Japan.”

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