Japan MSDF Captain Demoted for Power Harassment


Tokyo, Dec. 13 (Jiji Press)--Japan's Defense Ministry said Tuesday that it has demoted a Maritime Self-Defense Force captain to lieutenant commander as punishment for repeated power harassment.

The former captain received the second-most serious disciplinary action, only after dismissal, for actions such as verbally abusing subordinates. It is the first time that an SDF member has been demoted due to power harassment.

The ministry also demoted a superior, a rear admiral, by one rank, citing an inadequate investigation into the harassment.

The former rear admiral retired because his retirement age was lowered from 60 to 57 as a result of the demotion.

According to the ministry, the former captain repeatedly used intimidating words and actions to dozens of members in his department, such as threatening to punish them, and forced them to show up on holidays and work extremely long hours. The behavior lasted for about a year and a half from around September 2019.

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