Man Found Guilty over Mask-Related Trouble Aboard Flight


Osaka, Dec. 14 (Jiji Press)--Osaka District Court on Wednesday found a Japanese man guilty over trouble caused by his refusal to wear a face mask aboard a Peach Aviation flight, an incident which led the plane to make an unscheduled landing.

Presiding Judge Jun Oyori sentenced Junya Okuno, a 36-year-old former university staff worker who was charged with forcible obstruction of business and inflicting injury against a flight attendant, to two years' imprisonment, suspended for four years, saying that he committed an act that disturbed in-flight safety.

Prosecutors had sought a four-year prison term for the man.

Oyori partially denied the credibility of a testimony by the victim regarding the charge of inflicting injury and concluded that Okuno's act stayed within the scope of an assault charge.

The presiding judge said the incident stemmed from Okuno's strong desire to push through his belief that masks are not necessary.

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