U.S. Welcomes Japan's Defense Policy Change


Washington, Dec. 16 (Jiji Press)--The United States has welcomed the Japanese government's revision of three key national security documents to drastically increase its defense spending and possess counterstrike capabilities.

"We welcome Japan's contributions to peace and prosperity," U.S. President Joe Biden said on Twitter.

"Japan has taken a bold and historic step to strengthen and defend the free and open Indo-Pacific" through the revision, made Friday, said a statement by U.S. national security adviser Jake Sullivan.

Meanwhile, a U.S. government official expects that the revision will make the two nations' deterrence against China stronger at a time when U.S. forces are losing superiority in East Asia amid China's rapid military buildup.

Japan's possession of capabilities to strike missile launch sites that threaten the country will complicate China's and North Korea's calculations, making it easier to stop them from wanting to take a military action, the official said.

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