YouTubers Born Out of Tokyo Police


Tokyo, Dec. 18 (Jiji Press)--Two Tokyo police officers have launched a YouTube video series in an effort to make the police appear more friendly in the eyes of citizens, becoming the first police YouTubers in Japan.

The two officers at the Metropolitan Police Department's public relations division have so far uploaded five clips in the "Metopoli" series on the MPD's YouTube channel.

The move by the MPD came as a YouTube channel run by staff at Japan's Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Buzz Maff, has become popular, garnering about 166,000 subscribers so far.

The first Metopoli video was posted in November after 10 months of planning and preparation.

"I'd like to transform the 'negative 3 Ks' of 'katai' (rigid), 'kowai' (scary) and 'kibishii' (strict) of people's perception of the police into 'akaruku' (cheerful), 'omoshiroku' (amusing) and 'tanoshii' (fun)," said Naoya Yoshida, a 28-year-old officer who stars in and edits the Metopoli series.

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