Shiga Men, Okayama Women Live Longest in Japan

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Tokyo, Dec. 23 (Jiji Press)--Shiga Prefecture logged the longest average life expectancy for men, at 82.73 years, as of 2020 and so did Okayama Prefecture for women, at 88.29 years, the health ministry said Friday.

On the other hand, Aomori Prefecture was at the bottom of the longevity list for both men and women, at 79.27 years and 86.33 years, respectively. The ministry conducts the life expectancy survey by prefecture every five years.

Shiga was found to be a prefecture where men live the longest for the second consecutive survey.

The latest study also found that Nagano came second in the male average, at 82.68 years, followed by Nara, at 82.40 years, Kyoto, at 82.24 years, and Kanagawa, at 82.04 years.

For women, Okayama posted the longest average lifetime, outpacing Nagano, which topped the list in the two previous surveys. The runner-up was Shiga, at 88.26 years, followed by Kyoto, at 88.25 years. Nagano ranked fourth, at 88.23 years, and Kumamoto fifth, at 88.22 years.

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