Japanese Male Victims Still Hesitate to Report Sexual Abuse


Tokyo, Dec. 28 (Jiji Press)--Many Japanese men still hesitate to report sexual abuse they suffered due to stigmas and misconception, more than five years after a Penal Code revision to treat male and female victims equally.

"The social misconception persists that men do not fall prey to sexual crimes," a support group for victims of sexual crimes said.

In order to address the situation, local governments are stepping up their support for male victims by providing consultation services via their websites and through other measures.

The revised Penal Code to toughen penalties for sex offenders came into force in July 2017, replacing the crime of rape with the crime of forcible sexual intercourse and allowing men to be recognized as victims in addition to women.

The revision has also made it unnecessary for victims to file a criminal complaint themselves to seek indictment for forced sexual intercourse and other sex crimes, a measure aimed at reducing victims' psychological burden.

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