Seoul Explains Plan for Foundation to Cover Wartime Labor Compensation


Seoul, Jan. 12 (Jiji Press)--South Korea's Foreign Ministry, in an open debate on Thursday, explained a plan for an existing public benefit foundation, on behalf of Japanese firms, to pay compensation to South Koreans requisitioned to work for the companies during World War II.

This is the first time for the South Korean government to explain such a plan publicly.

The open debate, held at the National Assembly, is seen as the last of the steps before formalizing a solution to the wartime labor issue.

Depending on the public opinion and coordination between the two countries, however, it may take time for the South Korean government to announce a solution.

South Korea's Supreme Court has ordered the Japanese companies to pay compensation to wartime laborers in some lawsuits, while the Japanese government takes the position that the wartime labor issue was resolved by a 1965 bilateral agreement on property and claims.

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