Efforts to Commercialize CCS Techs Accelerating in Japan


Tokyo, Jan. 15 (Jiji Press)--Moves to commercialize carbon capture and storage, or CCS, technologies are accelerating in Japan.

CCS technologies capture carbon dioxide emitted from large facilities such as factories and power plants, and store the heat-trapping gas deep underground.

Japan's industry ministry is set to draw up as early as this month a road map including measures to help promote the use of CCS technologies, believing that they are essential for realizing the government's goal of reducing the country's greenhouse gas emissions to effectively zero by 2050.

Public-private efforts to put CCS-related projects into practice by 2030 are expected to continue accelerating, with the ministry aiming to have relevant legislation enacted within fiscal 2023.

The International Energy Agency said in a report in 2021 that 7.6 billion tons of CO2 will need to be captured a year across the world to realize carbon neutrality in 2050. The industry ministry estimates that Japan needs to annually store up to 240 million tons of CO2, about a quarter of some 980 million tons emitted from fossil fuel combustion in the country in fiscal 2021.

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