LDP's Kishi Considering Resigning from Parliament


Tokyo, Jan. 14 (Jiji Press)--Former Japanese Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi, a member of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party, is considering resigning from the Diet, Japan's parliament, shortly, LDP sources said Saturday.

Kishi, 63, a lawmaker of the House of Representatives and special adviser to the prime minister, is thought to have health issues.

Last month, Kishi, who has been elected from the No. 2 constituency in Yamaguchi Prefecture, western Japan, informed a local group of his supporters that he would not run in the next Lower House election and instead hopes to pick his eldest son as a candidate to succeed him as a Lower House member from the constituency.

At the time, Kishi told reporters that he plans to serve his remaining term as a Lower House member.

If Kishi quits, a Lower House by-election in the constituency is expected to take place on April 23 along with a by-election for the lower chamber in the No. 4 constituency in the same prefecture, which will be for filling the vacancy left by the death in July 2022 of former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, elder brother of Kishi.

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