Govt Ordered to Pay Damages over Forced Sterilization


Kumamoto, Jan. 23 (Jiji Press)--A southwestern Japan court ordered the national government on Monday to pay a total of 22 million yen in damages over the forced sterilization of two people under the now-defunct eugenic protection law.

Kumamoto District Court confirmed the unconstitutionality of the law and denied application to the case of the 20-year statute of limitations on compensation claims.

The court was the third, after Osaka and Tokyo high courts, and the first among district courts in the country to order the government to pay damages in a series of forced sterilization lawsuits.

Presiding Judge Yuichiro Nakatsuji ruled that applying the statute of limitations would "significantly violate the principles of justice and fairness."

"The damage to the plaintiffs was enormous, the government was at serious fault, and there were circumstances that made it extremely difficult for them to utilize the right to claim compensation," Nakatsuji said. "The state enacted a law that clearly violates the Constitution and promoted policies based on it, causing serious harm to the public."

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