Additional 1 T. Yen Sought for Expressway Renovation Work in Japan


Tokyo, Jan. 31 (Jiji Press)--Three Japanese expressway operators released their new facility renovation plans on Tuesday, requiring additional 1 trillion yen in total to cope with bridge and pavement decaying.

East Nippon Expressway Co., or Nexco East, West Nippon Expressway Co., or Nexco West, and Central Nippon Expressway Co., or Nexco Central, manage about 10,000 kilometers of expressways, with renewal work already underway for some 1,360 kilometers.

Their latest inspections, however, found that such work is necessary for additional 500 kilometers.

Replacing bridge girders and decks is estimated to cost some 700 billion yen and improving durability of road pavements some 240 billion yen. Of the total additional cost, Nexco East and West are set to shoulder some 300 billion yen each and Nexco Central about 400 billion yen.

The addition will bring the total costs for renovation work at the three companies to 5 trillion yen.

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