Japan NRA Delays Decision on Nuclear Reactor Operating Life


Tokyo, Feb. 8 (Jiji Press)--Japan's Nuclear Regulation Authority failed to reach a decision Wednesday on whether to approve the government's plan to extend the operating life of nuclear reactors in the country beyond 60 years.

At the day's meeting, the extension plan was supported by four of the five NRA commissioners, including Chairman Shinsuke Yamanaka, while the other, Akira Ishiwatari, opposed it. The issue is set to be discussed again at the NRA's next meeting.

Under the current nuclear reactor regulation law, the maximum operating period for nuclear reactors is set at 40 years in principle and 60 years if approved by the regulator.

The government is working on a bill that would effectively allow nuclear reactors to operate beyond the 60-year limit by excluding periods when reactors are halted for safety inspections or other reasons.

In response to the government's move, the NRA has been discussing a law revision to require reactors to get approval every 10 years after the first 30 years of operation.

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