GSDF Camp Set Up on Japan's Ishigaki Remote Island


Tokyo, March 16 (Jiji Press)--Japan's Defense Ministry on Thursday set up a Ground Self-Defense Force camp on Ishigaki, a remote southwestern island, to which about 570 personnel including missile units will be deployed.

The launch of Camp Ishigaki, the first SDF base on the island, is part of the country's effort to enhance its defenses of the Nansei southwestern island chain amid China's increasing maritime presence.

Ishigaki sits between the main island of Okinawa Prefecture and Taiwan.

The ministry set up GSDF camps on Yonaguni, Miyako and Amami Oshima islands in the Nansei chain in recent years as it seeks to fill what it sees as a hole in the country's defense coverage.

At a press conference, GSDF Chief of Staff Gen. Yoshihide Yoshida said Camp Ishigaki will remove the gap in the GSDF's defense coverage and increase its deterrence.

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