Japan's Takaichi Stresses Significance of Security Clearance


Tokyo, Sept. 12 (Jiji Press)--Japanese economic security minister Sanae Takaichi stressed the importance of introducing a security clearance system at a two-day event from Tuesday co-hosted by Jiji Press.

"We need to create a broad-based clearance system covering the fields of economy and technology in order to utilize Japan's advanced technologies overseas," Takaichi said in a keynote speech delivered on the first day of the Economic Security Exhibition & Conference, or Econosec Japan, in Tokyo.

The government is discussing establishing a security clearance system, reflecting concerns that Japanese companies will be restricted in their operations without such a system.

In order to certify individuals who are allowed access to confidential information, the government needs to create a system to screen government employees and members of the private sector who are potential handlers of such information.

Given that personal information, such as the economic situations of candidates, will be examined in the screening process, Takaichi said that the body tasked with such checks should be established within the government.

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