Japan's National Debt Hits Record 1,297 T. Yen at End of FY 2023

Tokyo, May 10 (Jiji Press)--The outstanding amount of Japan's national debt hit a record 1,297,161.5 billion yen at the end of March, or the end of fiscal 2023, the Finance Ministry said Friday.

The national debt expanded by 26,662.5 billion yen from a year earlier, due to an increase in newly issued government bonds, including those to finance measures to tackle inflation under a supplementary budget.

Of the total, general government bonds, including green transformation, or GX, economy transition bonds, which were introduced in February, totaled 1,053,652.6 billion yen, up 26,555.3 billion yen.

Financing bills, issued to meet temporary financing needs, increased by 7,000 billion yen to 91,499.3 billion yen, while borrowings decreased by 1,055.4 billion yen to 48,561.3 billion yen.


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