INTERVIEW: Synthetic Methane Crucial for Decarbonization


Tokyo, May 13 (Jiji Press)--Synthetic methane is crucial for the decarbonization of city gas, Japan Gas Association leader Takashi Uchida has said.

In a recent interview, Uchida, also chairman of Tokyo Gas Co., called for additional state support to promote the use of synthetic methane, made from carbon dioxide and hydrogen. He also pointed to the importance of liquefied natural gas, from which city gas is made, during transition to decarbonization.

While synthetic methane emits CO2 when burned, CO2 collected from factories or other facilities can be used to produce it. In addition, synthetic methane shares the same main component with LNG, meaning that existing infrastructure such as gas pipes can be used.

Therefore, the gas industry is working to introduce synthetic methane to city gas services.

"The prices will be high at first" when synthetic methane is introduced, Uchida said, urging the government to decide details of support measures to reduce the price gap with existing fuel.

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